“In Season-Strength Development” presentation slides

After receiving many emails from coaches that attended my last webinar at and requested the PowerPoint slides and videos, I am uploading the PDF version below.

Presentation Summary:

  • Euroleague and VTB (regional league) schedule requires teams to play on average 3 games per week and a total of more than 70 games per week (for most teams)
  • Because of this, time for lifting is limited
  • Also players often lack the energy to lift with the required intensity
  • However, strength is important for performance enhancement and injury reduction.
  • Myths related to weight training include that athletes will become slower, destroy their shot, stunt growth in young athletes and cause injuries. None of these are true, if training is designed by knowledgeable and/or experienced coaches.
  • Because of the dense schedule, we have two types of “strength days” while in-season
  • “Heavy Days” (HD) involve loads ranging from 80% to 90% RM (although one of main tools is Velocity Based Training, so load is measured differently) and exercises like deadlifts, olympic lifts and derivatives, split squats etc.
  • HD’s are programed -2 or -3 days before a game
  • “Moderate Days” (MD) are lighter days, involve complex exercises and reduced volume.
  • MD’s are scheduled -1 or +1 days according to official games.
  • Other than that, players visit the weight room almost every day to do customized exercises for injury management or preparation for practice. These exercises are prescribed based on continuous evaluation.
  • It’s very important to built a culture of trust, accountability, consistency and honesty.

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