In-season strength presentation – YouTube video

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Over the past couple of months I had the opportunity to present in many online educational events. Getting free (most of the time), quality information in a wide variety of topics was one of the “positive” side effects of the lockdown.

Learning goes both ways when you present. Besides, if you can’t teach your topic, you don’t really know it. Forcing oneself to speak, especially in an audience comprised by peers, is challenging and exciting. It forces you to really think about every detail and every word that you will use, therefore making you a better coach.

Managing strength training during a long and intensive competition schedule is a challenge for all of us. In this presentation that I gave for the Italian Basketball Strength Coaches Association, I analyze our philosophy at CSKA Basketball, when designing our season-long training and injury “prevention” programs.

You can find the presentation through the link below!


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