Strategies and Solutions for Team Sports Athletes in Isolation due to COVID-19 (link)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to change our lives in many ways. Sports has also been dramatically affected, like every other aspect of life. Competition has stopped and athletes are required to stay at home (like the rest of the population) under various conditions. Depending on the country of residence, some have the opportunity to train outdoors, while other are forced to stay inside their houses or apartments, due to strictest measures.

Besides the negative psychological impact, not being able to go out of one’s home creates a big challenge for athletes that need to stay in as good shape as possible during the lock-down.

There are several negative physiological adaptation that occur during periods of reduced physical activity (a process knows as de-training). The longer the period o inactivity (or reduced activity) the more severe the consequences and the longer it will take to return to “playing-shape”.

In the article that I had the privilege to co-author, we summarized the negative effects of de-training and offered practical solutions that apply to athletes of any level or sport. I hope that it will be helpful to better understand the physiology of de-training and get ideas on how to stay in shape!

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