The Benas Podcast

During our trip to Germany with CSKA Moscow for the Alba Berlin game, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with long time friend and Boston Celtics European Scout Benas Matkevicious.

I met Benas in Moscow, back in 2013, when our roles were sort of reversed: He was in the coaching staff of Etore Messina (you can listen to his podcast with Benas here), then CSKA’s Head Coach and I was staying in the Russian capital for a month to support the newly signed Greek point guard Thodoris Papaloukas.

He started hanging out and having long talks, finding common interests in basketball, nutrition and strength and conditioning. So when he started his new project, The Benas Podcast, I was exited to humbly participate and be on the same list with some great coaches.

So, at first chance, we put coffee on the table (Benas is a coffee aficionado, like myself) and we talked about many topics that we had privately discussed in the past.

We were supposed to talk for about an hour and as it’s always the case when I meet with Benas, we went way over the assigned time. Here some of the topics we covered:

  • Pro & Personal Background
  • Mentors during Career Path
  • Sharing Information&Inspiring others
  • Dealing with Athletes
  • Make or Break moments
  • Communication & Putting Ego Down
  • PowerPoint for Athletes
  • Navigating information within staff
  • The formation of ESCCA (Euroleague Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association)
  • Time Management / Work&Family
  • Books & Life Hacks
  • Philosophical Exchange

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