Darwin Exhibit Opens In New York City

Thinking and evolution

This is the page from Charles Darwin’s note book, describing his thoughts on his monumental work about evolution. It starts with the phrase “I think”.

Like many great thinkers, we must constantly question our beliefs, seek out and critically evaluate opposing views in order to uncover our blind spots and to keep growing. This takes courage and a serious fight with our egos.

There is an unexplained overconfidence about being right in science and also in coaching, as people establish a strong emotional attachment to their views. Any arguments against their beliefs becomes a personal attack and ends all conversation – and any opportunity for learning.

As new evidence comes along constantly that eventually challenges the well established “knowledge”, as research methods and techniques improve, as practice challenges existing beliefs, we must reserve the right to change our minds in light of new proof. Being open to new ideas and not get entrenched in beliefs allow us to grow and become better professionals and better coaches.

Keep evolving!

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