YouTube Interview with Roman Lavrov -PART I

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Roman is a fellow strength and conditioning coach currently working at Sakhalin Basketball Club which – as the name implies – is in Sakhalin, Russia. For those not familiar with the country’s geography, Sakhalin is an island in the Pacific Ocean, just north of Japan. Good caviar and almost always windy!

We had the chance to chat with Roman about training, coaching philosophies and basketball strength training on several occasions, before games or in the summer at Performance22Lab. So when he asked me to have an interview for his fledgling YouTube project, I gladly accepted.

Like my previous post suggested, I am glad that more people in Europe are starting projects like this one (soon I ll be posting another interview I did in Spain with Baskonia’s strength and conditioning coach Luka Slivar for his channel). This gives the opportunity to coaches all over the word to hear how the field is developing in these parts of the world and how our conditions shape our methods and philosophies.

In PART I of this interview, we ‘ll be talking about some personal info on my story, which I hope will give younger coaches insights and ideas on ways they can advance in the field and learn from our mistakes. Then we go right into discussing various aspects of strength and conditioning, especially those concerning basketball. I hope you will find it interesting!

YouTube Link

PS: Love the bloopers that Roman put in the beginning of the video! Enjoy…..

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